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The last month of the year is finally here!

In the course of December, CIPIT will publish a special post of the top IP stories of the year 2012.
Please send us your suggestions, comments and views on the best (and/or worst) IP developments of this year.

For now, here is your weekly dose of the prominent IP news that everybody’s talking about:

– Fernando dos Santos is the new Director General of ARIPO from 2013! [Spoor]

– “Intellectual Property In Technological Innovations: Perceptions From Tech Startups In Kenyan ICT Hubs”, Final Report, November 2012. [iHub Research]

– CIPIT to Lead Kenya in Celebrating 10 years of Creative Commons [Captain Obvious]

– “New Perspectives in Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights in Africa” [IPKenya]

– ARIPO, European Commission press on with GI cooperation [AfroIP]

– “Braking With Tradition” [Stellenbosch IP Chair]

– Food for Thought, Kenya: Science, Technology, Innovation Policy 2013 [India Dept of S&T]

– South Africa: “Notice and Take Down or Notice and Notice and Take Down?” [Andrew Rens]

– Nigeria: “Music Copyright Society wants to be the ‘Boko Haram’ of the music industry” [COSON]

РAfrica’s First 3.0 Licenses! [Creative Commons]

– Johnson & Johnson won’t enforce its patents on its AIDS drug Prezista in Africa [iAfrica]

– South African Bill seeks to impose jail sentence on gTLD offenders [AfroIP]

– Innovative licensing expands access to HIV treatments [WIPO]

– Intellectual Property and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa [SSRN]

– The role of African CMOs in Promotion of the Use of the Intellectual Property System [WIPO]

– South Africa: Trade mark law is confusing [ENS]

– Reflections on the Supreme Court of Canada 2012 Copyright Decisions [IP Osgoode]

– Supreme Court has Granted Cert in the Myriad Case, Question: Are Human Genes Patentable [Patently-O]