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So long, first week of September! Here are some of the cool reads we’ve collected over the past seven days.


IP and related stories from around Africa:

– Kenya: “African Currencies: Intellectual Property Rights and State Sovereignty” [IPKenya]

– Nigeria: “The Era Of ‘Monkey Dey Work, Baboon Dey Chop’ Is Over!” [Copyright Society of Nigeria]

– Ghana: Music group Wutah accuse Flavour of theft of intellectual property in Kwarikwa [Pilot Africa]

– South Africa: Copyright Review Commission releases damning report on collecting societies [Aliquid Novi]

– Rwanda: “Protecting Intellectual Property” [New Times]

– New book: “Innovative Africa: The New Face of Africa – Essays on the rise of Africa’s Innovation Age” by @wmworia & @Mbwana, edited by @NiNanjira [Afrinnovator]

– Worthwhile piece: Anti-trust Enforcement in Africa: “Who Doesn’t Love A Little Competition?” [AfroIP]


IP and related stories from around the world:

– USPTO Issues World’s First Invisibility Cloak Patent [IPWatchdog]

– Leading Indian IP Blogger sued by Natco for making defamatory comments in on-going patent suit. [Legally India] [rebuttal by SpicyIP here]

– The Contributions Of Julian Assange To The Debate On Intellectual Property [IP Watch]

– “Drugs and emerging markets: Tripped up” [Economist]

– Christian Louboutin SA vs. Yves Saint Laurent: “Red-Soled Shoes Win Appeal” [Wall Street Journal]

– “Internet freedom: Plus ça change” [Economist]

– IPKat’s comments on British IP in light of recent Cabinet re-shuffle [IPKat]

– CLS Bank v. Alice Corp: Patenting Software Ideas [Patently-O Blog]

– How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards [io9]

– “Did Canada’s 1989 Shift To First-To-File Nip Small-Time Innovation In the Bud? [IP Osgoode]

– Sweet success for patent holder: Gelled Manuka Honey Medical Dressing Patent Non-obvious [JIPLP]

– Seeds & songs: similarities between business models of Apple & Monsanto [Star Tribune]

– No Jail Time for Obama ‘HOPE’ Poster Artist [abc news]